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Guidelines for Submitting Graphics

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Things to Consider when creating files for TKM

Always work in CMYK, files are printed in CMYK. This prevents color changes from any conversion from another format.


When working with transparency and spot colors always save as high resolution. In InDesign this can be found under  edit/transparency flattener presets and in Illustrator it is located in the same spot under edit/transparency flattener presets.


When working with bleed we recommend a .25 or 1/4” bleed on all sides.


Adobe Illustrator or InDesign files are preferred. We will accept Adobe CS4, CS5 and CS6+ original files in Illustrator, InDesign and PDF format.


Images should be at least 200dpi – 300dpi is recommended.


Images should be embedded – this prevents missing files when we receive it.


Fonts should be converted to outlines to prevent missing fonts, if this is not possible be sure to send copies of all fonts with the job.


If you ever have any questions regarding our FTP or file building for TKM, feel free to call us at 330.237.4029.


Thank You.